Miles rear leg has healed!

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Miles rear leg has healed! His bone healed at a right angle, but the orthopedist is not recommending surgical intervention! Now to start with his leash and harness training

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3 thoughts on “Miles rear leg has healed!”

  1. Oh my oh my oh YAH! This is such great news! Miles caught a break, that is pawesome for all of you. That x-ray is kinda crazy looking but hey, if it’s good news that’s all that matters. Did the vet recommend any kind of rehab therapy?

    We can’t wait to see what’s in store for your little hero. He’s got such a great life ahead of him.

    1. We weren’t wanting to amputate a second leg, nor were we excited about a second surgery to repair this leg, so very good news!! We were doing PT as the leg healed to try to minimize muscle atrophy and to maintain as much usage of the leg as possible. Now, he is running circles around the other cats and is off his pain meds. He is on Dasuquin and Welactin for life, and needing wheels in the future is still a possibility, but for now we’re going to live it up and try to get him out adventuring by next spring!

  2. Just catching up on that spunky Miles! Wow! Miles is a tripawd Warrior!!! So glad to hear he’s continuing to heal and all this will be behind him soon.

    He certainly won the kitty lottery when he found you❤
    You’ve done a stellar job of caring for Miles and making sure he is happy…and clearly he is!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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